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Máy Ép hơi kéo đầu

150*150mm 260℃ 0-999s 220V 400W 580*470*540mm 41.5KG 400*500mm 260℃ 0-999s 220V 3KW 1220*750*650mm 130KG 400*600mm 260℃ 0-999s 220V 3KW 640*1020*960mm 150KG 500*700mm 260℃ 0-999s 220V 4.5KW 1800*980*1500mm 370KG 600*800mm 260℃ 0-999s 220V 6KW 1900*1000*1500mm 390KG

Heat press machine

Pneumatic double station machine, pneumatic cylinder device for the pressure, can be smaller pressure into a strong compression pressure. Using the single hot plate (machine left and right moving), printing machine for double location, compared with the other USES the manual effort to save time efficiency is extremely high. In addition, in order to improve the quality of the hot stamping, eliminate the deviation, the machine adopts the 35 mm thick hot plate, its durability and saved the equipment operation cost

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